At ES Amelio, we believe that every eligible youth holds the power to serve as a ‘catalyst for change’ and become a world-class professional.

With a vision to bridge the gap between conventional learning (academics) and on-ground training (the ‘job market’), ES Amelio’s niche internship programs are a novel adaptation in bringing together the best of both worlds.

Immediate benefits to long-term progress.


got screened more by better companies from job portals and 18% got better feedback on their face-to-face interviews, than before.


of the candidates who trained with us saw more than 25% hike from their expectation on their base salaries when employed.

For candidates returning to employment post the program


of the candidates from the test group saw salary appreciations and/or promotions in less than 3 months.


All said they felt more capable and confident about their future career growth.